Two New Science Magazines

07OVER-articleInline-1Now that I don’t do research full time, there is nothing I love more than picking up a science magazine.

I’ve heard various complaints about the big science magazines. The stories are too superficial, they are aimed at the 60+ crowd, etc.

I recently learned about two new science magazines that are aiming to do something different.

Each issue of Nautilus collects stories (a lot of them) on a single theme. The most recent issue focuses on Secret Codes. You can read it online for free or read it in print (the issues are quarterly) for $50/year.

Matter is online-only and you can subscribe for $1/month. The focus is on long, in-depth pieces, and it got its start from a very successful Kickstarter campaign. I’m psyched to read a piece on how the revolution in Egypt is affecting archaeological research (and, in particular, the study of King Tut!).

Looking forward to exploring them both!

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